On Targeting Fox News…

As our President and members of his administration attack Fox News, it baffles and saddens me that the debate among regular folks turns to whether Fox News is conservative leaning, and how unfair they are or aren’t. What I rarely hear discussed is the outrage over the sheer fact that the President of the United States and his administration happen to be targeting any particular news outlet at all in our great republic, which relies on a free press to keep the citizenry informed of what their elected leaders are doing on their behalf.

The administration tells us that Fox News is opinion masquerading as news. What they are really trying to do is discredit the only news outlet that has the tenacity and guts to provide information to the people that they are otherwise not receiving and that actually raises eyebrows of doubt over the actions of their employees in Washington. For a President so committed to ensuring transparency in the way his administration handles its affairs, you wouldn’t think he’d be so sensitive about controlling information release so closely. But we knew that transparency was a campaign promise, like many others, that he had no intention of keeping. Which is precisely why he would prefer that outlets like Fox just go away.

It would be comical, if it weren’t so alarming, that this President is behaving like a kid on a middle school playground, trying to build a coalition with the other news outlets to discredit and marginalize Fox News.  In doing so, he also sends a  strong signal to me that his plans aren’t aligned with the will of the people, and the less we know about that, the better off he will be in realizing his goals. Which is precisely why he is intent on silencing Fox and all conservative commentators.

And speaking of his goals, just want are they? There are a lot of theories. But if you chalk up those theories to hysteria and irrational, unhealthy conspiratorial thought, think about this: If your husband/wife, your kids, your work colleagues, or anyone else in your life was being evasive, explained themselves in a way you felt was suspicious, and continually worked to ensure you were in the dark about their motives and actions, wouldn’t that lead you to think they were up to no good? And, based on your life experiences, unless they were planning a surprise birthday party for you, haven’t you found your instincts were generally correct?


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