Suggestion For Teaching If Someone Really Approves Socialism

Yesterday was Super Bowl evening and I enjoyed a pitcher of beer at a local watering hole. The bar staff knows I am a conservative so they always like to taunt me with political jabs about me being the heartless greedy conservative who is trying to make money on the backs of the poor. I decided this time I was going to teach these young progressive liberals a lesson without debate.The bartender’s service and hospitality was superb while I was there. They know that I tip well. I picked out the most sorry and impoverished looking individual in the local watering hole. I gave the bartender exactly the money I owed him for the beer and walked over to the identified sad sack loser individual and gave him the tip money that I should have given to the bartender. I turned to the bartender and said, ‘This person needs the tip money more than you.’ The bartender had a very angry look on his face so I said, ‘How do you like Socialism now?’Maybe from that experience, the bartender might realize that Socialism in action is not such a positive thing that he thought it might be. Socialism is a positive idea to those folks until they have experienced the consequences of it.


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